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Peter Greer - Weaving Wonderful Willow

Peter Greer - Weaving Wonderful Willow
Peter Greer - Weaving Wonderful Willow

Peter Greer

Peter Greer is truly passionate about weaving baskets from willow. Not only does his work use traditional methods to create functional and practical baskets – baskets built to take punishment, using environmentally friendly natural materials and needing just a few tools – but they are also objects of real beauty. Peter is passionate about sharing his knowledge too, and we’re sure you’ll be amazed by what he can teach you.

Peter has been making willow baskets for more than forty years. When he started his work his first baskets were woven from supplejack, but for the last three decades his preferred material has become English willow, which he now cultivates specially at his base at Onekaka, Golden Bay. He has become fascinated by the whole growing process: planting willow beds from small cuttings, maintaining and harvesting the crop, boiling the willow to achieve the rich buff colouring, and stripping bark from the green willow to get a sharp clean white.

Once the raw materials are ready, the intricacy of the basket weaving begins. After all these years he still derives huge pleasure from creating something that gives years of use and enjoyment, and something that started its life as a simple twig.

Weaving Wonderful Willow

Peter will be giving two presentations at Garden Marlborough this year: a hands-on full day workshop, where you’ll be introduced to the basics of willow weaving and finish the day having created your own small basket; and a two hour presentation describing the preparation of willow, including growing and processing, followed by a hands-on demonstration of actual willow weaving.

We guarantee you’ll come away with new-found skills and passion.

Please note: Only the whole day workshop will include a meal, the lecture will have tea & coffee available.

Refreshments included:

  • Coffee / Tea

  • Eats

Weaving Wonderful Willow Workshop Fri 4 Nov 9.30am - 4.30pm PGF SOLD OUT
Weaving Wonderful Willow Lecture Sat 5 Nov 9.30am-11.30am PGS $50