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Lynda Hallinan

Lynda Hallinan
Lynda Hallinan

Lynda Hallinan

You might have read her magazine and newspaper columns, her books, or seen her on TV, and Nelmac Garden Marlborough is delighted to once again have gardening personality Lynda Hallinan in our region.

Lynda is the editor-at-large of NZ Gardener magazine and has spent the past 20 years writing about growing your own food and flowers. She is a specialist garden writer with an infectious sense of humour, a wealth of horticultural knowledge and one of the most engaging do-it-yourself- attitudes in the business. A self-confessed plantaholic and passionate home preserver, Lynda is an enthusiastic advocate of growing your own fruit and vegetables, and plot-to-pantry gardening. At Foggydale Farm in the Hunua Ranges, south of Auckland, she has an extensive vegetable garden and an ever-expanding orchard of organic fruit trees (more than 300 at last count!)

Lynda’s country garden, which she shares with her husband, two young sons, four cats, three pigs, a clutch of chooks and a dog, is entirely spray-free. She believes that the best way to learn is “to just to dig a hole, plant something – anything – then simply keep your fingers crossed you get to eat it before the birds or bugs get to it”.

Grow Your Own Food & Passion for Modern Preserving

Against this background of the rural life of plenty, Lynda will be delivering two practical workshops for this year’s event:

Grow Your Own Food (And Have Fun Doing It!)

In her first workshop, Grow Your Own Food (And Have Fun Doing It!), Lynda will share the benefits of her experience as both a small-scale city vegetable grower and a give-anything-a-go self-sufficient country gardener. Learn her tips & tricks for soil improvement, crop selection, chemical-free pest and disease control, gardening on a budget, the best varieties for return on investment, plus propagation methods from taking cuttings to saving seeds.  

Passion for Modern Preserving

In her second workshop she shares her Passion for Modern Preserving, as detailed in her latest book, Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions. If you’ve grown it, she’ll show you how to preserve it… with an entertaining demonstration (including tastings & samples) covering everything from jams and jellies to chutneys, cordials and infused liqueurs that taste “just like Nana used to make”. The key to success? Small batches of scrumptious, seasonal flavours. Autographed copies of Lynda’s new book will also be available to purchase at a special price.

A break will be had during each workshops to taste treats you can create from the produce of your workshop experience.

Refreshments included:

  • Coffee / Tea

Grow Your Own Food Fri 4 Nov 2 - 5pm LHF SOLD OUT
Passion for Modern Preserving Sat 5 Nov 2 - 5pm LHS SOLD OUT
Passion for Modern Preserving with bus Sat 5 Nov 1.30pm - 5pm LHSBUS SOLD OUT