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Thomas Forrest CF, with Dr Graham Gulbransen

Cannabis – cultivation for medicinal, nutraceutical and industrial hemp potential

THURSDAY 7 NOV 6.30pm-8.30pm $55

Everybody is talking about cannabis. In New Zealand and around the world, people are promoting its medicinal and other benefits, discussing growing and production processes and exploring commercial opportunities at all points in the value chain. In New Zealand there will be a referendum on cannabis legalisation next year and, with so much information and opinion out there, Garden Marlborough wanted to hear from leading experts to cut through the noise.

Thomas Forrest – Australian 2018 Churchill Fellow – is a Cannabis Agronomist, and a leading consultant in the global cannabis space. Founder of Indicated Technology Pty Ltd, Thomas has instigated and designed successful cannabis research projects at prominent universities in New South Wales and Victoria. He provides cannabis agronomy consulting services to public and private cannabis businesses worldwide. Recently returning from a world-first research fellowship for cannabis agronomy, Thomas has documented cultivation methods to help establish sustainable yet economical cultivation protocols for this re-emerging industry.

This presentation will outline cannabis botany and physiology, and provide an overview of its medical, nutritional and industrial hemp potential, all put in the context of current global regulatory frameworks. Thomas will discuss the societal and economic benefits of a legal cannabis framework, commercialisation prospects and the likely growth of a local New Zealand industry.

During the presentation Thomas will share footage from his Churchill Fellowship documentary, a comparative study between worldwide cannabis cultivation methods. Most of these farms have never allowed filming inside their facility, so this is an exclusive look inside the world’s most advanced and productive cannabis farms.

The evening will also feature a panel discussion with medically trained cannabis consultant Dr Graham Gulbransen and local GP Megan Bailey, giving a balanced view of the pros and cons of cannabis for your health and wellbeing.



Dr Graham Gulbransen






92 High Street, Blenheim



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Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Celebrating 25 Years
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Garden Marlborough Sposored by Rapaura Springs
Chris Woods Profile for Garden Marlborough